Sunday, May 2, 2010

Focusing our Energy on Medical Clearance

Steve here --- This is an exciting time in the process for us to become Peace Corps volunteers. We will go to Africa in October if we pass the rigorous medical clearance. Every organ system that has ever had a symptom has to be checked out by an expert in that discipline of medicine. Cathy and I are having an undeclared race to finish first with all the consultants. It is also important to have every line on every form completed.

My secret weapon is a returning Peace Corps volunteer I worked with in the emergency room many years ago. He was such an outstanding resident physician that I asked him to be my family doctor when he finished training. After all these years he has remained true to his values that were part of his experience in the Peace Corps. He is working on the comprehensive form for me. Cathy’s edge is that she is younger and has fewer organ systems that have had speed bumps along the road of life. We understand that 85% of the volunteers that complete the medical forms make it to the next level. My question is what happens to the other 15%. We both hope that no new problems with our health will be discovered during the process.

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Rebecca Clay Haynes said...

Hoping so, too. We're so excited for you two. And wonder if you'll have time in the coming weeks to visit us at our Durham loft (living here 3/4 time) and fill us in more in person. We could have dinner at one of the hip, local restos. Pop's just opened up a new restaurant right across the street...