Wednesday, October 27, 2010

NOW we've got something to talk about!

Peace Corps invitation to serve arrived today - one letter addressed to both of us, along with a very large packet of information.

Country:  Belize
Program:  Healthy Environments
Job Title:  Rural Health Educator
Dates of Service:  June 11, 2011 through June 11, 2013
Orientation Date (in the US):  March 23, 2011
Pre-Service Training (in Belize):  March 24, 2011 through June 10, 2011

[Peace+Corps+Belize+sign.jpg]We're both feeling REALLY good about this.  We're not sure why we got such a wonderful assignment - I mean, really - BELIZE.  It's beautiful.  The official language is English.  Formerly British Honduras.

Now reality - it's a very poor country, except for small portions of the coast where the tourist trade contributes to the economy.  We'll be stationed in a rural area, most likely with no running water or electricity.  And we'll need to learn an indigenous language.

Time to dig in and learn about our future home :-)  We'll share more right here.  Cathy

Friday, October 22, 2010

Promise of an Invitation

Oh, gosh, it’s been SO long since we’ve written.  We’ve sold the house and moved to a small apartment.  We’ve been cleared medically – waiting for dental and legal clearance.  We discovered the North Carolina Peace Corps Association and went to their semi-annual picnic.  BUT – nothing was happening.

Today marks a major milestone for us. We had a scheduled conference call with Kristen Arbuckle (our “Couples” Placement Officer) to “discuss our skills” in preparation for placement. During the conversation we revisited most (or all) of the questions from the Couples Questionnaire that we already answered. Apparently we got the answers right, because we were offered jobs in rural health education in Central or South America.

A written invitation is on its way, and we have a week to accept the offer. We are scheduled to go in mid- to late March. When we got off the phone we danced and whooped and hugged each other. We do have to put up with another North Carolina winter, but we also get to see another season of Tarheel basketball.

Time to call the fam and post on Facebook.  An Invitation (capitalized) is the final YES from the Peace Corps.  It’s a job offer, not just a promise to be considered.  Tomorrow we’re going to a picnic in Winston-Salem with Cathy’s side of the family – the “see off.”  Now there’s SUCH A GREAT REASON TO CELEBRATE!