Thursday, February 3, 2011

No flies (or mosquitoes) on me!

We carried most of the clothes that we intend to wear in Belize over to Greensboro yesterday, gave them to a friend from high school, Pell.  Pell is arranging with his friend, Richard, to have them treated with "permanent" insect repellent.  Richard's business has clients like LL Bean, Orvis, etc., and he's fitting in our lot of clothing between runs for those big customers.

Permethrin (for all you chemistry nerds out there)
The product used is Permethrin -, and you can buy it to spray on your clothing from WalMart and other places.  Treated that way it will last only a little while.

Richard invented a way to heat set the Permethrin into the fabric permanently (sorta - lasts maybe 70 washings or so).  Check out his website, link above, and consider buying products treated with Insect Shield.  It's good stuff!

We are SO grateful!  Thank you, Pell and Richard :--)


Anonymous said...

Could Richard's business give all future PCs a serious discount perhaps?

Steve and Cathy Burnham said...

Good question. I haven't met him personally; just know Pell. I will forward your question on to him and let you know. BTW, I just edited my entry to encourage people to buy his product.