Saturday, May 14, 2011

What's Goin' On

Here's another entry from Steve. I have been a little overwhelmed for the past 3 weeks or so, and have not been inspired to write my usual stellar descriptions ;-) This entry is a copy of an email from Steve to Jeannie (yes, of "Ed and Jeannie" fame). We have a ton of pictures I want to post - sigh - soon.

This past weekend Cathy and I were in Independence village in the south. We had a half day bus ride from Camalote Saturday and stayed with a volunteer who has been there for a year. We are supposed to be learning what it is really like to live and work in a community. She rents a house and has indoor plumbing, electricity, and water until 10 PM. It comes back on at 5AM. Several years ago there was an earthquake that damaged the storage tower, and they have not fixed it.

We also met some other volunteers from the region. They sometimes gather at her house. We had a tour of the village and stopped at several shops to get food to cook for supper.

Sunday we took the water taxi across the sound to Placencia, which is at the tip of the barrier peninsula. It is written up in the tourist book as a “must see” place. On the bus ride to Independence the couple behind us were headed there. I think they may have been on honeymoon.

Monday we went to the clinic and toured the facilities and talked about medical records. The financing for the clinic is tied to documentation, but the doctors are not very good about completing the paper work. Our hostess took us to her hair stylist, and we both got a cut. Cathy is not entirely fascinated with hers, but mine will be fine within a few days.

In the afternoon one of the other Peace Corps workers there took us to the public library where she works. It is very nice and well-maintained. I hope the community uses the facility. They have internet access there. Eventually that will be a big drawing card since internet access is too expensive for most people here. Afterward we rode bikes to the lagoon and cooled off in the water. There were not many people, and the quietness was serene.


Ed said...

Oh sure tease us with the pictures :-). Good to hear you are getting out and about. Don't sweat the 'overwhelmed' it takes a long time to integrate into a new culture. You're doing great!

Jim Weaver said...

Nice to keep up with you folks. Glad all is well.
Jim W