Thursday, November 17, 2011


Nancy and Carol took Cathy and me to the Mayan ruins at San José Succotz, known as Xunantunich (“Stone woman” in the Mayan language).  
Steve Carol Cathy Nancy
Along the way Carol stimulated the economy in several stores and shops. At Marie Sharp’s factory, she had her picture made with Miss Marie before she emptied the shelves of several products. 
Carol with Marie Sharp
When we arrived at the ferry boat to cross the Mopan River, she was the one who had to take a turn at the crank. Cathy and I got the Belize price for admission as Peace Corps volunteers. 
We hired a certified guide (Mr. Albert for BZ $50) to fill us in on history and to tell us about the various parts of the temple area. It was a pretty good deal up until the time when we reached the top of El Castillo (the tallest pyramid in the complex), and then he was indispensable in helping us control our panic and get back down. We made him take us the long way down, because the regular way looked like two steps and then a drop-off into emptiness. We thought the challenge would be the climb up the steep  stairs, but it was the trip down that took all our concentration.

We left Carol in the court yard to take our picture when we reached the top. She quickly struck up a friendship with the national policemen who routine protect tourists from muggers. Nothing in basic training taught them how to handle women like Carol.

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