Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day in Belize

This is my second Mothers Day away from home. They celebrate Mothers Day here, same as in the States. I had a wonderful phone call with Jeff this morning. The rest of the day has been very low key. I'm nursing some gastric "unrest" and some bug bite blues, so I haven't been very active. A little bit of painting, and a WHOLE LOT of Law & Order SVU. They're having the "Mother of all Marathons" with mother-themed stories - HOURS of them!

So the whole work week was a little bit like today. Very low key. EXCEPT

  • We passed our halfway point! As of May 3, we have been here 406 days, and we have 405 to go!
  • There was a murder very close to our house on Thursday night. Like a "professional" hit with seven shots in this one guy. They drove up, jumped out of the car, shot the guy and drove away. I was standing right next door to where it happened less than five minutes before. Thankfully, this is not typical of Dangriga (not that we don't have a knifing or rape now and again). Generally it's a pretty peaceful town.  Here's a link to the story. Enjoy the Kriol!    AND here
  • I finished the first chapter for the CHW training manual - THREE DAYS EARLY.
Those were the highlights. Steve and I also went over to Hopkins for the grand opening of the Sandy Beach Restaurant yesterday. It's going to be a success, I'm sure. They'll really get going when they get their liquor license!

Sorry, that's all there is. Here are some pictures:

These are some that I painted for the restaurant.

Young Garifuna girl - about 9"X9"

Garifuna drummer - about 5"X4"
These were taken yesterday at the grand opening of the restaurant.

Steve in the kitchen at Sandy Beach

Miss Marlene, one of the ladies who run the restaurant. She is a
VERY good cook.

Meghan was the Jill of all Trades - bartender, money manager,
sign maker

Here's one of the signs she made

Steve put up one of the pictures I made - on the women's bathroom

And on the men's bathroom

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