Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Beautiful Plants of Belize

The rainy season brings more than just mildew and blue crabs. All the trees and shrubs that were just staggering along have awakened to Belize's "spring" season. I'm feeling pretty lazy today, so it seems like a good day for PICTURES. We've accumulated quite a few, so we'll share!

For your viewing pleasure.  Please do click on the pictures so you can see them at full size. Sorry, sorry, sorry, Aunt Jean. I know this is going to wreak havoc on your dial-up connection.

Everybody's favorite, the Flamboyant Tree (sometimes called the Royal Poinciana), are everywhere in Belize. Main flower color is orange, but sometimes we see them in yellow, white and purple.

 Banana trees and coconut palms.

In our front yard

Other palms.

Cohune tree. Provides fronds for thatching, and fruit
for very high cholesterol oil. Wood for furniture and
Decorative shrubs and bushes.


Every kind of hibiscus you can imagine

Bougainvillea. The "bountiful" time for bougainvillea is still ahead
of us. Sometimes the spiky vines look like they are taking over the
front of a building.

Don't know what this is, but ain't it pretty? Some kind of coleus?

Looks like clematis
Crape myrtles are popular, but they have trouble with so much rain.
They don't like "wet feet." (See the flamboyant tree behind?)

Crape myrtle and a mix of others
 And just some plain old flowers.

Vinca (periwinkle) is very popular

Everybody has some of these, but I don't know what they are.

White lilies grow wild everywhere

 Ornamental trees.

Camouflaging the outhouse??

And MANGOS. Belizeans loves mango and children gleefully climb the trees to retrieve them. Or find something to reach with.
This is our neighbor's tree, heavily laden. And the reason there is
fruit still there is because they have a really mean pit bull to protect it.
He got several mangos from this effort :-)
Happy Father's Day, everybody!

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