Monday, August 27, 2012

Little Update

We have had a light week, but things are starting to pick up!

I gave Steve a haircut last week. This past weekend, he went to
work on highlighting my hair. MUCH more advanced than the last
time. We worked with FOILS!
Anthony brought us some bananas from the tree right here in our yard!
They are smaller and much sweeter than the Dole
bananas we usually get at the store. They're called apple
bananas, and they DO taste a little apple-y.
We made T-shirts with spray paint. It took me about two hours
to cut out the stencil. Each girl's shirt is a little different, because
the "glow" behind the letters is unique :-)
Murusun Mesu and Fu We Dog seem to be doing very well together. Poor Fu We puts forward a stoic face to the constant onslaught from the kitten.

Note how much BIGGER the cat has gotten relative to Fu We.

He's climbing a lot, too. Not quite brave enough for some places,
but it won't be long till he's up on the kitchen cabinets :-(

If you've been following this whole thing with the cat, you may have noticed that over the past few weeks I have called the cat a "he," then a "she," and now I'm back to "he." Well, it's tough to determine the sex of a cat, darn it! I looked online and found an article and pictures that told us how to locate body parts, with just a little bit of difference between the two. Well, I thought I had it figured out, but then Steve told me that the thing I thought was the vagina was really a mole . . . .

I leave in the morning for two days in Pueblo Viejo, a village in the Toledo District. I'm going down to help Mallory (the very first Belize PCV that we "discovered" once we knew we were coming to Belize) with her summer camp. We'll do Zumba each day, and then I'll just help with stuff. I told her, "Mallory, I don't really know anything about kids, you know." She said, "That's OK, I'm no good with 'em either." Maybe I'll get some pictures.

I do know that it's pretty rustic living down there - no "current," running water, or any kind of plumbing. So I'll get a little mini-taste of what a "real" Peace Corps Volunteer should experience.

Steve got a call today from PC Staff. They want him to give a speech at our 50th anniversary celebration - in Garifuna! Yay! He finally gets to show his stuff.

These are the pictures I couldn't find last week.
This is Steve's presentation to the teachers.

Well, not really HIS presentation. It was the Ministry's
PPT that he didn't see until about 90 seconds before beginning.

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