Monday, September 10, 2012

Hangin' Out at the Speed Bump

Our Garifuna Glow Girls finally had their fundraiser last Saturday. We had been planning it for more than a month, and I'd say it went pretty smoothly.

The premise is easy. Hang out at a speed bump on a busy road and try to get money from folks as they pass. It's a very accepted way for groups, especially kids' groups, to make some money. People are used to seeing this kind of activity, and usually have their change out and ready to drop in the bucket :-)

We got started only 40 minutes late. We had made two big posters to advertise our reason for being there, and all the girls but one wore the Garifuna Glow Girls shirt. At first they weren't sure of what to do. I said, "Just get out there and ask for their support." They still didn't know what to do. So I walked out to the middle of the road (I was holding a poster, but didn't have a collection bucket). "Good morning! Could we ask for your help for our club?" Within a minute every girl was out shouting, "Good morning" and asking for a donation.

People skills - they might need a little work in that department, but by and large the girls were cute and mostly polite. Aidra and I had to remind the girls to THANK them when they gave money, and to wish them a good day even if they declined.


We made $223 BZ begging at the speed bump. At first the girls talked about the trips they wanted to take, and all the things they wanted to get with the money. In the past week, though, it sounds like they DON'T want to spend it, but to hold on to what they have to make sure they get the best thing. Ha haaa. Reality sets in.


Work! I wrote some new materials for the Women's Health section of the training manual. I'm pleased with it and hope to hear back from the head of the project soon.

My Zumba classes are in such demand ;;-))) that I'm going up to Orange Walk this week to teach some ladies there. It's about time I got to see more of this country!

Steve has been busy with the video project (it's growing!), and he is definitely appreciated now because of his expertise in that area. I'm glad that the staff there is FINALLY recognizing his worth and showing him a little more respect.

He went to a funeral (the sister of the lady who teaches Garifuna), was Mr. Fix-It for about six people around the neighborhood. And helped ME with several projects for the girls club.

Most importantly, he's got all our tickets and travel arrangements made for our trip to the States next month!


September is a big month for holidays. Today, Monday, September 10, is St. George's Caye Day. Tomorrow is Carnival Day. The 21st is Independence Day. And on the 26th, Peace Corps will celebrate 50 years of being in Belize. We'll probably say a word or two about that when it rolls around.

That's about all I'm going to write tonight. 272 days, folks - that's how much time is left till we come home for good.

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