Monday, October 8, 2012

A New Family Member!

Steve and I are thrilled to welcome our new grandbaby into the world - from Belize! He joined us on Wednesday, October 3. He's a big boy - 8 pounds 5 ounces, and 21 inches. His mom, Stephanie, is doing fine and will make the BEST MOM! Dad, Jeff, is bouncing with pride and love - and performing his diaper-changing duties well.

Here are a few pictures of Burke Francis Nieman.

Soon after his birth

Dad and son

Isn't he pretty?

Grandfather and Burke. I love his little face.

We think he has red hair!

Tar Heel born
OK, I'll stop with the pictures. I cannot WAIT to get to the States next Saturday. Burke is calling!

NOTHING else happened this week.

Well, in the background of our lives there were a couple of things. 

  • Steve went to Trio to do a cooking demonstration with Incaparina. He and his work partner made tortillas and porridge for the moms and kids in the village. They wanted to promote and educate people about the benefits of using Incaparina to give the kids enough good nutrition. The tortillas didn't go over too well (Hmmm, the place was filled with women who make tortillas every day. They KNOW how to make a good tortilla.), but the porridge was a big hit. Everybody came back for seconds.

Meeting place in Trio

Steve's work partner, Tylon Tillett
  • International artist Ingrid Cayetano (Her website) taught our group of GLOW girls. Most of her art is done with needlework on different fabrics, called thread painting (I think?). What a trooper! She walked in on about 13 squirmy girls. We had planned for 8 or 9.
Learn patience!

Work together and share

Take pride, have strong self-esteem

Have FUN!!

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