Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Little Down Time

After the excitement and festivity of Settlement Day, we have been cruisin' along taking it easy.

Thanksgiving was very low key. Just three days after the parade and concerts, we didn't have the energy to do more than celebrate quietly. Ava invited us to her home for the big feed. Kim Duchene, PCV from Hopkins, and her Belizean boyfriend were there, too. Kim made an awesome apple pie - crust, too - with ice cream, and Ava provided the sides with delicious mashed potatoes, stuffing, and sauteed brocolli. We had the easy part - the small roast turkey and gravy.

We turned on football (American!!) in the background, and just enjoyed the food and quiet conversation. I had carried over some supplies to make gift boxes, so Kim, Ava, and I had a little craft fest while the guys watched football (slept).

Later that evening we had a GREAT Skype session with Jeff, Stephanie, and the new grandbaby, and I cried for awhile afterward, just missing everybody so much.

Look at this beautiful child!

This is one of his first smiles.
At a UNC basketball game.

It's almost winter in North Carolina.
The child is truly blessed with an incredible
Since Thanksgiving Steve and I have spent a lot of time writing and formatting sections of the training manual. Steve especially has had his head down cranking out the content.

We've had some fun in the girl's club.

World AIDS Day lesson, lots of crafts, planning for Christmas party.

That's kinda all there is, folks. A few meetings coming up, but I'd better save something for the next time.

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