Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hurry Up and Wait

We've had time to tell our family about the exciting news, so now we're spreading the word wider.  Steve told the folks at his office and the hospital.  I sent notes to my work supervisors and started telling people in my classes.  Yes - let the good vibes wash right over us.

We had a neighborhood potluck last night where we had plenty of time to hear good stories about people's travels around the world.  Our good neighbor, Ed Hutton, travels a lot as a consultant.  He told a great story about some Japanese clients and his female translator.  She was assigned to him, apparently meant as an slight (the female translators are not as esteemed).  However, he was very pleased with her skills and told her so as they went through the meeting.  Because of his honesty and appreciation, she started helping him beyond the ordinary translation, giving him interpretation of body language and emotions, and tips on when to push in the negotiations.  Turned out to be a very successful day for him.

He shared several examples of culture differences he'd come across.  We will need to be soooo sensitive to every situation in Africa.  I should start practicing now, trying to count to 3 before speaking (not like me, I know), and considering how I phrase responses rather than blurting right out.

We have written the placement officer, Kirsten Albert, to try to get more information about our assignment.  No response yet.  We got an automated email from the Peace Corps indicating that our status has changed to "Nominees," and that we should look for a packet with medical forms that need to be completed ASAP.

Nothing else new going on.  The garden is beautiful . . . .

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