Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just a little bit more about what we know

I'm still wondering why the PC people keep our destination a secret.  For some nominees, it may be because they (the PC people) need to keep options open to use the nominees' skills in the most effective way.

The procedure is to let the applicants know within a month or so after the initial interview if they are going to be nominated, at which time they start going through the medical checkup stuff.  We originally interviewed way back in December.  They weren't able to find a country that wanted a married couple with our combination of skills.  In our case, they found a country where they could reopen two separate programs that we matched.  Gosh, I'm assuming we'll be working in the same area/town!!  Also, they said they knew we needed to leave in January 2011 (so Steve could get his vested retirement income from his practice), but these programs needed to have the volunteers leave in October 2010.

All that being said, it sounds like these are specific jobs that start at specific times.  Back to my original question - why are they keeping our destination a secret??? 

The good news is - we are not in competition with anyone for the positions.  Typically the Peace Corps has about 12,000 applicants a year for 4,000 positions. Other volunteers must jump through the medical clearance hoops and they still have to compete with others after that.  We won't have to worry about someone else getting the job.  Yay!

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Our Porch in Hillsborough said...

Cathy - Toni shared your blog info with me - and your big news about the Peace Corps! Congratulations! I'll be watching your blog for updates. Have you seen the mini-series based on the No. 1 Ladies Detective books? It's beautifully filmed in Botswana - if that is where you're assigned you'll have to watch it!