Sunday, August 1, 2010

First the Good News

We sold our house!  How fantastic.  And what a load off our minds.

We had decided to throw in the towel and just rent the house.  After showing it SO MANY TIMES (32, I think), we still had not received a single offer.  On Monday, July 19, we met with a guy from a rental management company (Louise Beck Properties) and signed on with them to take care of things while we were gone.  We were very impressed with their services and especially with their knowledge of the market and how things should be done.  He recommended that we keep our house on the market, but we would move forward with marketing it as a rental.  On Wednesday a woman came out to take pictures that would show the place on their website, left ANOTHER lock box.

And on Thursday we received an offer to buy the house!  It was a really low offer, but we took it.  We're just barely breaking even on what we paid back in 2003, but that's better than a lot of people have done.  The house inspector has inspected, and we're waiting for their repair requests.  We're hoping to close in early September, but don't have that nailed down yet.  More on that later.

The people at the rental agency were SO nice and didn't charge us a penny for the work they'd done.

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