Saturday, July 3, 2010

Various and sundry

It's been a month since my son Jeff married Stephanie.  Beautiful wedding at the Old Well, and great fun other events!  They went to Argentina and Brazil for their 2-week honeymoon.  If this blog were not about the Peace Corps, I'd post a bunch of pictures ;--)

We have dumbed down our house even more.  Stripped it of 2/3 of the furnishings (we had already taken out about half), and painted most of the rooms beige.  We've shown the place more than THIRTY times, but not a single offer.  Steve thinks nobody's buying.  I'm definitely getting a little panicky.  At some point we'll have to decide whether to drop the price SO low (it's already the lowest priced house in the neighborhood), or hire a manager and lease it out for the time we're gone.  Sigh.

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