Wednesday, October 27, 2010

NOW we've got something to talk about!

Peace Corps invitation to serve arrived today - one letter addressed to both of us, along with a very large packet of information.

Country:  Belize
Program:  Healthy Environments
Job Title:  Rural Health Educator
Dates of Service:  June 11, 2011 through June 11, 2013
Orientation Date (in the US):  March 23, 2011
Pre-Service Training (in Belize):  March 24, 2011 through June 10, 2011

[Peace+Corps+Belize+sign.jpg]We're both feeling REALLY good about this.  We're not sure why we got such a wonderful assignment - I mean, really - BELIZE.  It's beautiful.  The official language is English.  Formerly British Honduras.

Now reality - it's a very poor country, except for small portions of the coast where the tourist trade contributes to the economy.  We'll be stationed in a rural area, most likely with no running water or electricity.  And we'll need to learn an indigenous language.

Time to dig in and learn about our future home :-)  We'll share more right here.  Cathy


Lew said...

I found and have followed your blogs to gain some information about the application process as well as to obtain vicarious good feelings while awaiting my invitation. I noticed that you are in Chapel Hill. I completed my post-graduate studies at UNC-CH several decades ago (Oh, how I have missed Chapel Hill!)and, like you, I have applied to the Peace Corps so as to do something productive with the training and skills obtained through a career. I have been nominated for C/S America or the Caribbean, so perhaps our paths will cross.
Best wishes to both of you in your endeavors.

Steve and Cathy Burnham said...

Sorry I'm so long in replying to your comment, Lew. I'm such a dork. Forgot to look for comments ALL THIS TIME. Thank you for reading.

By all means, look us up if you come to Belize! I think it's pretty easy to find PC people once you get to a country.