Sunday, March 20, 2011


We moved almost everything OUT of the apartment today. Just a few doodads left. Steve's nephew Daniel and his great roommates helped load and unload the truck. THANK YOU. We'll turn in the key tomorrow. In the meantime, we've checked into the University Inn for a couple of days.

This place advertises itself as the "Home of the Sports Experience." In the middle of NCAA March Madness, this is a good place to be. Funny to think that next weekend, we'll be in Belize and have to hope that we can get an internet connection to learn how well our Tar Heels fared. And a year from now, we may not be aware that the tournament is going on!

ANYWAY, plenty to keep us busy tomorrow, details. My son, Jeff, and his wife, Stephanie, are driving us to the airport first thing Tuesday morning. Looks like the luggage thing is going to work out OK, we should both be well below the 80-pound limit.

Tired . . .

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