Monday, March 7, 2011

The Meaning of the Word "Farewell"

Every day Steve and I are getting more and more excited. And every day we're seeing dear friends and relatives for "one last visit." Which really tugs at my heart (Steve's too, but I'm the one writing this time) and pulls out lots of tears.

Zumba love - Thanks to the awesome ladies at Kinetix, UNC Wellness Center, and Orange United Methodist Church for the FUN goodbye parties. Wish I had pictures of everybody. Here's one of the gals at OUMC after LOTS of really good food and MARGARITAS :-)

Best Friends - Last Friday night I met with three dear friends, Quyen, Stacey and Toni. They made me the BEST going-away present. Each of them wrote cards, sealed them up, and labeled them when I could open them - birthday, anniversary, friendship, get well (!), that kind of idea. Oh, I was such a mess, pretty much ran out of kleenex. So touching, and I'll get to keep enjoying that love while we're gone.

Many Special People - And we've seen my sister in Newport News, my aunt in Reidsville, my dad in Winston-Salem. This week we'll see the kids and grandkids, then take off for the "tour de siblings." We're managing to fit in some lunches and dinners with friends here in the Chapel Hill area.

I wish I could express myself as well as all these wonderful people. They wished me farewell with cards, and hugs, and eloquent words. Oh, I will miss you so much.

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Riah said...

That is the sweetest going away gift ever! What a touching, genius idea.