Monday, March 21, 2011

Steve's Last Meal ... North Carolina. I've really been terrible about not wanting to eat at his favorite restaurant - Squids. Not a big fan of seafood, and I don't think their seafood is very good. And it's definitely pricey.  But he worked really hard to get all those last minute details taken care of today. And there's no template for figuring out how to cut loose from what you're doing now so you can go do something else. Like leave the country and work in the Peace Corps for 27 months. Steve figured it all out and kept us on course. That's just one of many reasons why I think he's wonderful.

It seemed only fair that we dine at Squids tonight. I loved every minute of it. We sat on the patio (in this picture, closest table on the right), and enjoyed the beautiful night. Just acting like we were taking it easy, but both of us thinking about what's ahead. Hey, neither of us was hungry enough for dessert!  WHAT IS WRONG?

So now we're back in the hotel room, getting ready to sleep if we can. We'll be at the airport by 8:30, Dallas-bound. He's reading a book called The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook. Just in case.

Mas maƱana.


Jim Weaver said...

God bless both of you. We'll be following you.
Jim Weaver

Steve and Cathy Burnham said...

Ah, Jim. You're the best. Thanks for the good wishes. Cathy and Steve

Rebecca said...

I'm impressed and inspired -- wishing you both continued safe travels. And, most of all, much fun! Keep on writing this blog,